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Newsletter 10/2/2020

7th and 8th Grade
PCCS Newsletter 10/02/2020

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday,

We cannot believe it is already October! I hope everyone is able to get outside and do some fun fall activities this weekend. Be sure to continue checking with your kids to see how they are doing with e-learning and please let us know if there are any concerns.

Math with Mr. Hershiser:

Every week in Mr. Hershiser’s math class, each student is expected to complete 60 questions on IXL. Students are given time in class throughout the week to complete this task but sometimes they may need to spend extra time in study hall to make sure they get all 60 questions done. Any math-related questions students may have, they can come to office hours in Mr. Hershiser’s Zoom room from 2-2:30, daily.

Math 8 A

If your student is in Math 8 A, make sure that they have turned in their most recent test through Google Classroom, sent it to Mr. Hershiser through the mail OR have plans to drop it off at the next designated drop-off time.

Science with Mrs. Jackson:

7th Grade Science:

7th Grade students have been working hard determining how weather forms and moves throughout the US. At this point, your child should be able to identify fronts, the type of weather that it brings, and explain weather using weather station models. Moving into this week, your child will be exploring a type of severe weather (tornado, hurricane, thunderstorm, or blizzard) and will create an informational pamphlet or booklet to explain what causes this type of weather, conditions during the storm, and more. We will be working to complete this research project in class. Directions, rubrics, and a copy of the research sheet are posted on google classroom. Projects are due next Thursday at materials pickup.

8th Grade Science:

8th-grade students have been exploring the world of sound and light. We started with a base in waves, understanding how a wave moves, the types of waves, and the parts of a wave. We have explored how sound waves, a type of compressional wave, can be manipulated to increase pitch. This week we moved in to light an optics. Your child will be looking at how light moves as a wave and can be reflected and refracted. We will take a look at concave and convex mirrors and lenses before moving into a virtual eye dissection next week!

ELA with Mrs. Stewart:

7th Grade ELA:

Students are about half way through The Graveyard Book, and continue to study how the elements of plot, character and setting interact. They will continue to look at characterization and theme in depth over the next two weeks, and they will start to apply those ideas to their map or short story project.

8th Grade ELA:

We will be finishing The Outsiders next week and holding our first graded discussion on Tuesday. As we reach the end of the book, we will be looking at how different themes are woven throughout the story, and also making some connections between violence in high schools in the novel and the issues some students face in schools today. We will end the novel study with an essay, which we will start the week of Oct. 12. Finally, we will wrap up the unit with an in-class viewing of the movie.

Next week, students will have an early release day on Thursday, October 8th (stay tuned for an updated schedule) and no school Friday, October 9th as well as Monday, October 12th.

I hope everyone has adjusted well to e-learning and is ready to finish off the second half of this first trimester strong!