New Year’s Eve

Resoluciones  y decisiones every person young and old has a choice each and every day. Sometimes those choices are big ones and begun at the year’s beginning. Sometimes people reboot every day, a new chance to get it right.  Did any of you students make any New Year’s resolutions this year?  Making this is facil, keeping them is dificil.  So for today for your extra credit point I want you students to make a resolution – a meaningful, do able resolution.

I resolve to pick up litter I see on my daily adventures.  I resolve to do at least one kind thing a day.  I resolve to look up at the sky day or night and say thank you.  I resolve to make my bed without asking, help my mom or dad make dinner, give a hug, say gracias y por favor.  It’s all very easy and I know you can do it. Si puedes!!!!

Think about it.  Tell me your resolution.