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Message from the Principal

School Restrooms:   Many have you have been inquiring about the new changes in our single use bathrooms here on campus. As per State Law (“The Equitable Restrooms Act” effective  January 1, 2020),  all single occupancy restrooms at all public schools are to be designated as Gender-Neutral.  Rest assured, that each of our single use restrooms will continue to be monitored by staff and each of the doors have the appropriate hardware to ensure complete privacy. The locker areas/restrooms in the Gaylord Nelson Gym will remain labeled as Gender-Specific as they are equipped with multiple facilities. If you have further questions regarding this new public act, please feel free to contact Mr. Zamiar.

Safety Issue:  As the weather gets colder, the traffic on Amos Bennett seems to increase.  This creates a significant Safety Concern for our students. Please help us decrease this hazard by using the prescribed carpool procedures and not Amos Bennett Rd. to park, pick up, or drop off students before or after school.  It is a significant safety hazard to our students and neighbors. If you must park to pick up or drop off your child for any reason, please do so in the school’s designated parking areas. Thank you. –  Tony Zamiar