Math Update

The students have been working hard finishing up our Comparing Bits and Pieces Unit.  We have been working on using percent bars and how fractions, percents, and ratios are related.  We will be reviewing on Tuesday and taking our unit test on Wednesday.  On Thursday, we will be starting our next unit, Variables and Patterns.  In this unit your student will be introduced to algebraic concepts.  This unit has two main goals:  identify variables and relationships in problem situations and describe patterns of change in words, data tables, graphs, and equations; use data tables, graphs and equations to solve problems.  In the first part of the unit, students explore three ways of representing a changing situation:  with a description in words, with a data table, and with a graph.  Students will explore situations that change, such as the number of miles covered over several hours of a bicycle trip and how the profit earning in running a bicycle company is related to changes in income or expenses.