Math Update 4/3

Happy Friday!
Yesterday the students took a counting strip assessment to see if they could complete a counting sequence. They also worked on filling in 100’s charts with missing numbers and practicing counting forwards and backwards in the range of 1-100.
Today the students worked on solving problems that asked them to count and combine things that come in groups of 2. They were given a problem where they had to determine the number of hands a group of 8 students had. We ¬†wrote down many of the illustrations students used to solve the problem and I’ve attached that picture for you to look at. The students also began completing a worksheet that asked them to count the number of hands that live in their house. If they are not bringing it home to you completed today (many are) than feel free to do it on a blank piece of paper at home with your child and send it in with them on Monday. Then they won’t have to complete it next week! If you are having any special family get-together parties this weekend ask your child to tell how many hands there are at the party!