Math Update 2/24

Happy Tuesday!
Today we continued our work on story problems and counting assessments. Everyone was able to count to 100 for the assessment and many many students were able to count past 120. Amazing! The Common Core Standard goal for 1st graders is to count to 120 by the end of the year. Many of the students have met that goal already!  We’ll keep doing counting practice in class to improve our fluency with counting, including counting backwards.
Some students have stopped putting how they found their answer on story problems. If students know a fact I have encouraged them to put. “I know this math fact.” I understand that for some of these problems they don’t need to draw pictures to understand what is happening, but I would like to know how they found their answer. More importantly I want them to realize how they found their answer.
Tomorrow we are going to do some work with telling time to the half hour and give students time to catch up on work if they are behind. I’ve got some extra activities about telling time for the students who have completed their class work and our challenge story problems!