Math Update 12/1

We started a new unit today called Data Analysis. Today we did an activity called quick survey in which we did a classroom survey. Today we asked the question, “Will you drink milk with dinner?” The students used post it notes with their names to indicate their answer of yes or no. Then we discussed the results as a class using the vocabulary terms survey and data. The students also did a worksheet where they focused on describing a shape by its attributes. These worksheets will be coming home today.  We ran out of time to individually check each student’s work, but we’ll be doing something similar tomorrow and I wanted you to have a chance to discuss the work at home if you prefer. We did not check the back either, so please look at it with your child or have them complete it if they did not.
If you wanted to take a look at the two posters we made today, I’ve attached a photo of each of them.
We had a great first day of math!  I’m looking forward to a fun unit this month!
 20141201_152736 20141201_152626