Math–Prime Time Unit Overview

The first unit we will be covering is Prime Time:  Factors and Multiples. In this unit, the focus is on the properties of whole numbers, especially those related to multiplication and division.  Students will learn about factors, multiples, divisors, products, prime and composite numbers,  common factors and multiples, the Distributive Property, and Order of Operations.  They will discover key properties of numbers and use them to solve problems.

This past week we learned how to log-in to our CMP3 math book online.  Each student was given a strip of paper with their username and password to keep in a safe location.  The website for logging into the book online is  We started investigation 1 in the Prime Time unit by playing the factor game and learning what a factor, proper factor, and divisor are.  We also were introduced to the website Front Row Ed where the students can practice problems in the common core domain we are working on in class.  It’s a fun way to get some extra practice at home.  The website for Front Row Ed is  Our class code is cvuhlk.