Math – Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

We are continuing to build our understandings of fractions in math. By now the students know how to add, subtract, and multiply fractions. Click here to see some class notes from multiplying fractions. Currently, we are working on dividing fractions. After drawing some visual representations of fraction division and viewing this Dividing Fractions video, the students solved their own fraction division problems. After a few days the students saw the pattern to making solving fraction division problems easier; simply flip the second fraction (find its reciprocal) and multiply the two numbers together. We are continuing to practice fraction division problems (including word problems) as this is a difficult concept for most students to grasp.

The students are also working on their Fractions Bakery packet. This packet contains a review of all of the fraction skills we have learned so far. The students are assigned pages for homework; when the packet is completed, they will turn it in for a project grade.