Math – Fraction Fun!

In math, the students have been learning about fractions. So far, stdents should be able to:

  • find equivalent fractions
  • add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators
  • add and subtract a combination of mixed numbers, improper fractions, standard fractions, and whole numbers
  • compare fractions (<, >, =)
  • solve word problems involving fractions
  • switch between improper fractions and mixed numbers

The students are doing quite will with fractions and are having their second fraction quiz on Wednesday, Feb. 4. After the quiz, we will move on to simplifying fractions and multiplication and division of fractions. *Hawk’s Ticket opportunity! Talk with your child about a time you had to use math in the real world. If your child comesĀ in during lunch to tell me about your conversation, I will give him/her a Hawk’s Ticket!