K-8 PE update: 9/18/15

The year is off to a great start with all classes!  We began with our usual review of rules and expectations as well as some fun things we will be doing throughout the year.  The first couple of weeks we enjoyed some fun activities that everyone likes.   We played Medic, Air up there, Nukem, dogs, cats and mice, capture the flag and many more.  The kids had a blast and I am excited for the many more good things to come this year.

So far in September:

5th-8th grade has started their benchmark fitness tests.  The students have performed the Sit up test and the jump rope test so far.  The next two weeks will bring the mile run and 30 burpees for time.

3rd-4th grade has worked on some new chasing and fleeing games.  They will start their work on Sit ups and burpees in the next couple of weeks.

K-2nd has worked on locomotor skills in different pathways.  Straight, zig zag and curved were the pathways we used.  The students also worked on jumping and controlling their bodies while landing.  They will start working on tossing and catching very soon!