K-4 update

It has been a while but here are a few things we have been working on the last couple of weeks.
K-2 has been working on their fitness with relay races!  Many different types of relays vary time and type.  The kids did an awesome job with them and were really getting into the race competition.  We also used scooters for relay races and for fun.  We talked about the different forces of pushing and pulling while riding on the scooters and some everyday uses of pushing and pulling.  Currently the students are working on jumping.  Jumping and landing on either one foot or two feet and jumping for distance and height.

3-4 has been working on their fitness as well.  The students have engaged in many different relay races involving running, scooters and even sleds.  The students pushed mats down the floor and back to give them some resistance during their relays.  They had a blast!  Currently the students are beginning some lead up games to team handball and will begin playing a modified version of floor hockey in the next couple of weeks.