K-4 update

K-2:  Kindergarten through second grade has been working on jumping and leaping most of February.  The students have done an amazing job with these skills.  The students worked on leaping(jumping off of one foot and landing on the opposite foot) over different objects.  They leaped over pool noodles that were close together and then further apart.  The students also leaped over hurdles that were set at different heights.  It was awesome seeing the students do so well in this area!  Recently, we jumped onto multiple boxes in a row with two feet.  

3-4: Third and fourth grade has been playing some broomball the last couple of weeks.  Broomball is very similar to floor hockey but with different sticks that look like brooms.  It is a great lead up game to floor hockey.  The students begin to understand the importance of keeping the stick down and learning to play together.  We are currently moving into floor hockey and will continue for most of March.  I really like the way that the students are being responsible with the sticks and aware of the safety concerns.