Internet Research

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As you know, students are working on nonfiction writing. Something that can be difficult is searching for sources online, but it is a valuable resource (and skill!) for our class. We have been looking through books to learn about chosen topics (and a LARGE bag of library books is currently sitting by my desk for tomorrow), but we have also practiced researching through the Internet.

As a class, we searched for information on Amelia Earhart. Students have been spending some valuable time diving into biographies in the morning, so we continued that in the afternoon.

We worked together to find some great websites for kids and filled out this graphic organizer for notes on what we learned.

If you would like to work on online research with your child, take a look at The Curriculum Corner! This is where we found the dinosaur-themed search engine, “KidRex.” It’s a great place to start, but other tips are given on the subject. Try it out with either their chosen research topic or something completely new. Much will be learned, and they’ll be practicing a valuable skill in the process!

Mrs. Buesking

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