Important Events this Week

Wow! I cannot believe we are in our last week of school before winter break (the weather seems unsure, too!).

Our class is using each day to its fullest, though. Students are working hard on Kid Town, preparing items to sell and special setups for their stores. They have also jumped into filming for our compost video and creating artwork to use throughout the script. The class has done a fantastic job! The class will be viewing the finished video product after break!

IMG_20151209_140934931 IMG_20151209_141002289

Students are preparing plays for our Kid Town celebration on Friday. You should have seen a play script come home on Friday for them to practice over the weekend – this was optional and up to the student. However, the booklet should be at school this week as we are going to be practicing in class, as well. They may practice at home during the week if they wish.

Please note that spelling is in a transition period this week. Students have taken their assessment to determine how they are doing on different spelling features, which will guide me in creating groups and in seeing which features need some more support. It is possible that some groups may shift their focus when we start back up after break depending on what each student needs.


Important Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, December 16th: Mr. Smith and Mrs. Buesking out – Ms. Nham subbing

Thursday, December 17th: Holiday Sing (9 – 10 AM)
Students may bring a change of clothes for afterwards if they choose to dress up for the Holiday Sing and need something warmer or more comfortable for the rest of the day. Since it is in the morning, please send students to school in what they will wear for the Holiday Sing. They will not have time to change beforehand.

Friday, December 18th: Kid Town Celebration (1:30 – Carpool)

Please join us for:

1:30 – 2:00 Mini – Plays

2:00 – 2:15 Town Simulation for Parents

2:15 – 3:00 Visiting other Towns

3:00 – 3:30 Clean-up and Get Ready for Carpool (students will be checking their lockers for any items that need to be taken home, along with items from Kid Town they created that they wish to keep – an extra bag brought to school might be helpful to transport these items)

We hope to see you throughout this eventful week!



The Smisking team wishes you a lovely, restful break with family and friends. Enjoy this time, whether you are celebrating in Illinois, or in a galaxy far, far away…

Mrs. Buesking