Hi Parents!

We love parent volunteers! Here is a link to sign up for a chance to volunteer in our room. We also need volunteers to help wash our rags each week. Let us know if you are willing, and we will send the rags home with your child at the end of the week. Thank you in advance!


Here is a message from the middle school building: 

Our classroom is currently involved in an engineering unit and we want second hand or old bicycles to use as part of our unit.  We will use them to learn about simple machines and gears.    Bicycles that are broken or no longer work are wonderful as well.   Please send Mr. Hershiser communications if you have any bicycles to donate.   After we have finished learning from these bicycles we are going to donate them to an organization so they can be passed on to people/ kids who need them.



Please see Mrs. Wagner’s class schedule (2) for our classroom schedule.