Hello, Georgia!

We have exciting news!

Our environmental exchange box from a class of 1st graders in Atlanta, Georgia, arrived yesterday! We have just begun exploring the contents as we wrap up our own box.


Students took full ownership of this project. From deciding what kind of items we should include, to writing a letter to greet the other class, to developing their own script to create a video around our campus, our class has put in all of their effort to create a meaningful portrait of our Illinois environment! We are so proud of them. They’ve written poems, chosen special areas to photograph, gathered objects from nature, and researched with partners some extra Illinois environmental facts. They’ve drawn pictures, made observations, and learned about the migration of birds in our area from Ms. Naomi. In other words, well done┬áto our students. Although Ms. Nham and I have guided them along in the process and helped compile the video clips, these students have done it all and done so with tremendous success! We can’t wait to send our box.

While we explore Georgia and compare it to our own surroundings, take a look at this special video written by our students! They chose what they believed were some of the most important locations on and around our campus to share with the 1st graders in Atlanta.

Click here to view the video!

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PRINTIMG_20150206_153645383_HDR PRINTIMG_20150206_153500402_HDRIMG_20150505_073949508_HDRgathered objects from nature