Happy Wednesday!

What a great week we’ve had so far!  I’ve really enjoyed getting to catch up with my 6th graders and meet my new 5th graders.

We had a fabulous first day!  We did some icebreaker activities to get to know each other a little better and discovered we had a lot in common with each other.  The students also went over to Mr. Hershiser’s room to get to know more about what they can expect from Science this year.  We got into small groups and brainstormed some classroom rules and started to get our lockers, desks, and binders organized.  The students also received their assignment notebooks and a Chromebook Agreement form.  This Chromebook Agreement form needs to be returned as soon as possible so we can get the Chromebooks distributed.  Once our whole class returns their forms we will be able to pass out the Chromebooks.

On Tuesday we got to meet our new Spanish teacher and go to PE for the first time this year.  We also did an awesome tower topple team building activity.  The students were placed in groups of 3-4 and had to work together to build a tower that could withstand the weight of a staple remover being placed on top of it.  The students could only use magazine pages and tape to build their tower.  The winning tower was 31 inches high!  It was great to see the students working together to accomplish a common goal.  We also played Scattegories and the students had a lot of fun coming up with ideas each round.

Today we had our first fire drill of the school year and the students did a great job!  We also played a language arts review jeopardy game and a game called “Zap” to review our multiples for math.  Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Gernady came in and talked to our class about the PBIS matrix.  They reviewed expected behaviors at lunch, recess, in the bathroom, and in the hallways.  In social studies we watched a video about what an archeologist does and learned what the term “artifact” means.  We did an activity where each small group got a different item that we use today.  They had to pretend they were living in the future and looking back on our present society.  We made observations about each item and made inferences about what the people of this society might have been like.  The students were also given their first homework assignment for social studies which is an artifact bag.  The students were given a brown paper lunch bag and asked to fill it with 5-7 items that describe themselves.  On Friday we will try to guess whose bag it is based on the items in the bag.  We ended our day by assigning jobs to each student.  The students will have these classroom jobs until December and then we will switch jobs.