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Google Letter

August 15, 2020


Dear Families,

I am writing to let you know your child has been given a school Google Login. The email address is the first initial and last name then For example, Jane Smith would be If your child’s email does not follow this standard pattern, please look for a second email shortly, in which I will provide the email address. The original password assigned to everyone is pccshawks. I believe it will prompt you to choose a new password. Please help your child pick a simple password. 

  • Once you have set up the school Google account with a new password please fill out the Google form HERE so we can have a record of their password. 
  • If possible, please help your child send an email to myself and Mrs. Trage to test out their email account. A quick hello can be sent to:

  • It is a good idea to add the student syllabus to their drive also, if possible.


Please have your child use Google Chrome when signing into the Google account. There are many features that are only available by using Google Chrome. Mr. Coonan would like us to remind you that the school Google accounts are contained within the PCCS domain, which means students cannot email out or receive emails in, from outside accounts.


The students will find their assignments this year in Google Classroom. The class code for our Google Classroom is hfrc5ao. Here is a join link: Google Classroom.


Mrs. Trage and I will be working with the students to learn more about their Google accounts and Google Classroom. Once your child has this setup, please have them use this account every school day to log in to Google Classroom.


Thank you so much for your assistance in getting your child set up and started for our virtual classroom! 



Mrs. Larson


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