Pull up a chair in the Front Row!!

Has your 7th grade child mentioned the new math program we are trying out?  Have they been talking about dressing up their piggy? I discovered a new online math program that the kids really seem to be enjoying.  It is called Front Row.  All the kids are entered into my classroom (class code 65kcb6) and they have access to a number of different domains they can practice.  When they choose a new domain, they take a pre-test.  This test helps determine what skills your child knows and which ones they could use practice on.  Once they complete the pre-test, they can then work their way through practice questions.  For each correct question, they earn coins that they can then visit the shop and purchase accessories for their piggy avatar.  If your child is unable to answer a question, they can view a short video that will help explain how to solve the problem.  The students also work together in teams to try to be the team that earns the most daily coins.  Ask your child to show you their account and see the progress they have made to dressing up their piggy!

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