The students recently learned about FilterPave, otherwise known as the glass or red sidewalks on our campus. They watched a short video about FilterPave from the FilterPave website, read an article about PCCS on the FilterPave website, and read the powerpoint that Maeve Daws and Maddie Nelson (the students whose CP led to the installation of FilterPave on our campus) created. We compared and contrasted the information and presentation of information in the different sources. The students also got to see how FilterPave works; they were able to pour water through a sample square of FilterPave and see how it allowed water to flow through easily.

The students then went outside to measure the FilterPave on our campus. They worked in small groups to calculate the surface area of a section of the sidewalk, and then we added up and discussed their results as a class. We then used our calculated amount of FilterPave to estimate how many glass bottle were recycled to make our FilterPave.

Want to know exactly why FilterPave is a green feature? Want to know how many square feet of FilterPave we have and how many glass bottles we’ve saved? Come to student-led conferences! The students will be sharing their FilterPave information pages.