Every Snowman Has a Story

Yea….It finally snowed.  Would you like to have fun in the snow and earn extra credit in ELA???? I am offering just that to those who build a snowman and write a story to go with their creation. (7th grade extra credit must be negotiated with Ms. Stewart)  There are no rules other than the writer must have fun, be creative, and actually tell a story.

Submit your story and picture of snowman to me as soon as possible.

 The first entry will receive extra extra credit and I will publish the stories on the web page. (If you do not wish your story to be published, just let me know.)
Have fun….
The Snowmen from Clark Street 
Inline image 1
         “Okay, Mom, just a few more minutes…I’m almost finished with this killer snowman.”
         I know she means well, but my mother seems to always want me inside just as the real fun begins.  That is exactly how it all began last year when our normally, quiet neighborhood fell prey to the snowmen of Clark Street. Some people, (we’ll call these non-believers “grown-ups”) still don’t believe that it all happened, but I do…..because this time, I was there!