ELA Update

The students did a fantastic job with their Charley Harper writing and art pieces.  These pieces look fabulous in the hallway and we are so proud of the students’ hard work.  We are now moving away from our writing focus and back into our reading focus with dystopian novel literature circles.  The students are assigned a job role each week that rotates.  The jobs are:  discussion leader, passage master, vocabulary detective, and illustrator/real-life connector.  We typically meet in our literature circles about twice a week and it’s expected that the student has read the assigned reading and completed their job sheet.  It is extremely important that the students are prepared when we meet for literature circles so their small group can have a good discussion about that section of reading.  We will also be working on our online portfolios this week.  Student-led conferences are less than a month away and the students will be working hard to show you the highlights of what they’ve learned this year.  In word study, we will continue to work on our Greek and Latin roots.  They are getting more challenging each week so it’s important that students study the roots outside of school in addition to what we do in class.