ELA Update

The students have been working very hard on their Charley Harper writing pieces.  We’ve been learning how to integrate different literary devices into our writing and how to use descriptive words to give our writing a voice.  The rough drafts were turned in last Wednesday and I was very impressed with them.  We will continue editing them and adding more detail this week. The final drafts are due this Friday 2/5/16.  The students have also been working hard on the art piece that will compliment their writing.  They are making their animals using a paper collage type of approach.  Please consider joining us on Thursday 2/11/16 for our Charley Harper Gallery event from 2-3pm or 5-6pm.  All of the 5/6 gradeband student work will be displayed for you to enjoy 🙂

We’ve also been working on interpreting different poetic elements found in song lyrics.  The students worked with a partner to determine the meaning of different songs as well as the poetic elements found in the lyrics (rhyme, metaphors, similes, etc.).  The students were then able to choose their own school appropriate song and come up with questions to ask the rest of the class about the lyrics.  They had a great time presenting their song interpretations to each other.

This week we will continue to edit our Charley Harper writing pieces and turn in our final drafts.  We will then be talking about literature circles and getting ready for our next book groups to begin the week of 2/8.  The theme is dystopian novels and the students are looking forward to seeing which book and group members they will have this time around.