ELA – Descriptive Poems

This week in ELA, the students are working on descriptive poems. The assignment is to pick any topic that can be described (a favorite animal or place, a famous person, a season, etc.). The students can write in any form of poetry they would like, but they must include at least five examples of figurative language and must attempt to portray a specific tone and mood. The students should have at least one rough draft, and will be asked to reflect on their decisions as authors.

I compiled a list of poems that could serve as mentor texts to help the students consider different types of poems and ways to include figurative language. On Tuesday, the students looked at these mentor texts and started drafting their poems. Today, in addition to working on their drafts, some students volunteered to have the class look at their poems. The students offered eachother constructive criticism. On Thursday, we will talk about revising drafts and the students will work in small groups to revise their poems. Poems should be completed for Friday. Click on the assignment on my homework page to view the rubric and assignment instructions.