We started our folklore unit two weeks ago.  The students got familiar with determining the differences between fairytales, tall tales, legends, myths, etc.  They then got to put their skills to the test by reading 11 different examples of folklore and put each example in the correct category with evidence supporting why it fits in that category.  The students then had to find a piece of folklore from our country and then a different version of it from another country and complete a venn diagram.  We are now working on completing our very own piece of folklore with the elements we have been learning about.  The students are expected to have their own piece of folklore completed by Monday so they can start converting it into a children’s book with illustrations.  We will then be sharing these works of art with our book buddies 🙂

For the last week the students have also been working on a Conservation City project.  We did a close read using an article about what it means to be eco-friendly.  The students were then given the task of creating their own “green” city.  They have been creating PowerPoints with at least 10 laws of how they will keep their city “green” and the consequences for breaking these laws.  They also have to name their city and create a catchy slogan or motto that makes people want to visit.  Lastly, they need to create a map of their city keeping in mind how they will make it environmentally friendly.  What will their power source be?  Where will their water source be?  What will they do with waste?  We will have to wait and see when the students present these creative projects to the rest of their classmates.