Earth Week – Day 4

I love listening to a thunderstorm, but I am so happy for our students that the rain and lightening held off this afternoon. In order to once again defeat the N Bandit who tries to keep us inside, we spent an entire afternoon out of the classroom!

The class learned the importance of birds having light, hollow bones and the benefit of soaring by trying their hand (wing?) at flying. First they tried flapping their arms for 20 seconds. They were tired! It would take a lot of energy to flap their arms all the way home. Then we tried soaring by just swaying from side to side with our arms held out to the side. The students decided this felt better! Gianna helped us discover how important it is that birds don’t have heavy, solid bones by attempting the same flying experiment, but with a book in each hand. It quickly wears a person out! The class had a fun time exploring how a bird’s flying habits and bones help them from losing too much energy.

Our next activity was a scavenger hunt. Students did several activities throughout our campus that reminded them of ways to defeat our earth villains and gave them a great amount of time outdoors. We unscrambled letters from clues that taught about the green features of our school, built fairy and gnome homes from nature, played a recycle relay game, did a water race challenge, and went on a hunt for different natural items at Prairie Smoke Pond.

The weather sure did make for a nice walk this afternoon! I’ve also been getting many fun photos of students taking what they learned and defeating these villains at home. Great work, class!

Mrs. Buesking