Earth Week – Day 3

Today the class was introduced to The Power Phantom! Students came up with ways that we can defeat this villain and the sneaky ways she gets us to use more electricity. We were thankful to use sunlight throughout the day to light up our classroom instead of electricity. The students also created light switch templates to take home at the end of the week (these will get laminated). They are used throughout our campus to remind staff and students to turn off lights when not needed or whenever leaving the room.

Students also tackled Baron Von Buckthorn, who creeps into nature with invasive non-native species. On the PCCS campus, his minions have done quite well! Students learned about the garlic mustard on campus and did an incredible job pulling it out of our environment near the playground.

The class learned that they can earn home badges for defeating earth villains like the badges we are earning as a class! Your child went home with a special recording sheet that looks like this (click image for full size):

When students complete an activity (ideas listed for each villain in the chart below, but please feel free to think of other ideas with your child!), they write in the square for that villain what they did to defeat them.

Once your child has done an activity to defeat one of these earth villains, take a picture and email it to me. Your child should write in the appropriate square what they did to defend the planet! I will then email you which badge they have earned and have them lightly color the square the corresponding color.

Whether the student earns one badge or all five, this page is due back on Monday, April 25th. Students who do earn all five badges will be recognized at our May Green Challenge Assembly!



Ideas for Defeat

Po Lu Tor

He hails from a planet with a toxic atmosphere, so he thrives in a toxic environment.  By day, he’s a high-powered executive whose company may or may not comply with EPA laws; by night, he definitely doesn’t!

  • Recycled trash project (art, make a boat, etc.)
  • Pick up litter in your neighborhood/yard (home badge)

Baron Von Buckthorn and his gang of evil invaders

He came over from another country to make it big in America, and did he ever!  Now he and his minions are taking over the forests, prairies, and waterways

  • Learn about an invasive species (or several) through research and/or readings
  • Weed at home

The Power Phantom

She is the sneakiest of thieves, she sucks the energy out of everywhere she goes.  The power phantom looks normal, but her impact can leave us totally in the dark.

  • Make a pledge to save energy
  • Make signs for other electrical devices — similar to light switch covers, but to remind people to turn off other devices
  • Books: Why Should I Save Energy?  by Jen Green and Mike Gordon
  • Use a light switch cover (students created these today! Coming home soon…)

The Drip

He seems an unassuming fellow… but little by little, one drop at a time, he’s wasting our water and destroying the liquid of life.  

  • Make a pledge to save water
  • Take shorter showers
  • Use a rain barrel
  • Turn off faucet while brushing teeth

The N Bandit

No one has ever seen this Super Villain — which makes her all the more dangerous.  She’s come between people and nature, insuring that kids (and adults, too) spend as little time outside as possible.  

  • Spend time outside!
  • Do an outdoor activity with your family

I look forward to seeing what our Smisking superheroes are up to next! Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery for new pictures!

Mrs. Buesking