Earth Week – Day 2

Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve

The students braved the windy and chilly weather out by Lake Michigan today! The class explored several trails as they paid special attention to items on a Fort Sheridan Scavenger Hunt page. We were surprised by several animal sightings and listened in on a wide variety of bird songs. Here were some of our students’ favorite moments and discoveries:

  • White tailed deer (we watched in awe as 4-5 deer walked/bounced past from the nearby ravine! It was Mrs. Buesking’s personal favorite moment 🙂 )
  • A larger than life red tailed hawk nest to walk in and learn about hawks
    • Hawks have great eyesight
    • Students looked through binoculars
  • Ravine
    • A home to salamanders
    • The land is split with a deep area in between (like a small canyon)
  • Picked up litter
  • It was a cold and windy day!
  • It used to be a military base
    • There was once an aircraft runway
  • We discovered animal tracks
    • Deer
    • Dogs
    • Cats
  • Interesting rocks
  • Bird sightings
    • Red winged black birds
    • Mallard
    • Hawk
    • Chickadees
    • Woodpecker (We heard it “knocking” on a nearby tree!)
    • Seagulls
  • Lake Michigan – a beautiful sight!

When we arrived back at school, students came up with this list of sightings to consider what they might add to their future letter in order to share about the field trip. They also finished up their recycled frame project, hung up the rest of the bird feeders, and observed our silkworms. They were excited to see that we had four cocoons in our silkworm habitat! Students drew and wrote about these observations to close out the second day of Earth Week.

Mrs. Buesking