Earth Week – Day 1

What a beautiful day to kick off Earth Week 2016!

As you might have seen from the shirts and other news, our theme this year is Earth Week Superheroes (this was voted on by the Earth Week Committee – how great that it matches our classroom theme!). PCCS staff and students are being called to stand up against the Earth Villains that threaten the planet. Each villain we aim to defeat is causing great harm. Today we tackled “Po Lu Tor”! We discussed how he is hurting the environment and what we can do to stop it.

To heal the hurt he has caused our world, our 1st graders went on a nature walk to clean up some of the litter
“Po Lu Tor” has left behind. They also worked on a recycled art project. Students realized that these reused cereal boxes and crayon scraps/pieces could have ended up in the landfill if they were not recycled or UPcycled for a new purpose. They did a great job creating unique frames that will decorate our hallway and hold student work. We look forward to using them!

If your child completes an activity that helps stop Po Lu Tor at home, snap a picture and send it our way! They can earn badges for their superhero work outside of school, too.

Students have also started writing about each day in their “Future Letters.” These Earth Week letters, written to their future selves, will be saved for them to read next year!

Tomorrow we look forward to a cooler but action-packed day as we walk through Fort Sheridan! Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery for photos. 🙂

Happy Earth Week and GOOD LUCK to our superheroes in action!

Mrs. Buesking