Earth Week April 17-21, 2017

We look forward to celebrating our Earth this week in Kindergarten!

We will begin our celebration with an assembly Monday at 8:15 in the Gaylord Nelson Gym! Wear your Earth Week t-shirt.

Monday Highlights

We will be exploring Art with Mr. Thomas starting with a nature walk to collect natural material needed to build a bird’s nest. We will return to the Art room to build our next and learn about the signs of Spring.

Snack will be outside on the picnic tables!  We have not eaten snack outside this year.  Very exciting!  We will end our day journaling about Spring and using our imagination to describe the family of birds that will live in our bird’s nest.

Tuesday Highlights

We will begin our day gardening with Ms. Naomi!  

Ms. Stanbury will explore Peter and the Wolf Habitats and Instruments with the students.

Wednesday Highlights

We will explore Food/Fruit with Ms. Roman. Starting with seeds to the final product. We will be tasting new fruits and journaling about our new favorite fruit of the day.

Thursday Highlights

We will explore Science and Math.  We will build 2D and 3D shapes with objects in Nature.

Friday Highlights

We explore games from Then and Now with Mr. Flinn and Mr. L.

Our week will culminate with an Story Trail Nature Walk at 11:15.  

You are more than welcome to join us at anytime.  Let me know if you plan on attending, I can let you know where we will be outside.

Dress your child for the weather.  We will be outside as much as possible this week.

Mrs. Teitz