Discovery with Mealworms

Our students discovered something new with our mealworms yesterday!

The class had learned that mealworms go through a life cycle. When students began observing them, all of the mealworms were in the larva stage. Yesterday, one pair of students noticed something a little bit different. Although we had seen many changes already because of molting (resulting in differences in size and color between mealworms), this white mealworm was not like the others!

pupaWe only have one pupa in our collection of about 500 mealworms, so we placed it into one of our containers on its own, passed it around in a circle with a magnifying glass, and shared observations.


Students noticed the legs curled in, the different shape, its lack of movement, as well as the slight curve to its body. Some predict it will molt and be larger based on what the larva did; other students predict it will turn into something entirely new.

Stay tuned… 🙂

Mrs. Buesking