Devil’s Lake Camping Trip!

Our Spring camping trip to Devil’s Lake is upon us! We will be leaving around 10 AM on Monday, May 9th, and returning in the early afternoon on Thursday, May 12th. Students should arrive at school at the usual time on Monday with all their gear for camping. The weather predictions call for rain, so be sure your student has rain gear to wear during our activities, and dry clothes to change into for sleeping. It may be a good idea to pack clothes in plastic bags to keep them dry throughout the week, and stress to students to keep any clothes that do get wet separate from their dry clothes. A supply list is available online and has been emailed home previously. Don’t forget that students need to bring two bagged lunches on Monday – one for Monday on the way to the park and one for Tuesday. Please be aware that Tuesday’s lunches will not be refrigerated or chilled and please avoid packing products that contain nuts, if possible, due to nut allergies. We are all looking forward to a fun trip!