Cost Per Calorie Project

Please help you child with this project. ¬†They are trying to develop a true understanding of the cost food both in their lives and the lives of those in developing countries. While we read our novel, The Boy Who Captured The Wind, they are asked to document 3 days of food…everything!!!! ¬†After they collect the caloric and cost information, they are to divide the cost by calories to determine “cost per calorie.” We will them analyze this information to learn more about the true cost of feeding the world. Please look at the question on the Student Log and help your son or daughter understand the cost in your household. I believe it is important for them to see the minutia of details that go into feeding a family. Detail cost, time and effort in planning, shopping, and cooking meals. After which we will try to determine the cost per calorie and compare that to others in the world.


See Links for additional resources and log worksheet.