Classroom Updates: Week of 8.31


Today we ventured out to solo spots! It was very hot, but the students did some beautiful writing and drawing with outside. I was impressed with their ability to focus through the heat.
We laminated our cuttings today and will write about them next week!
Today we prepped our science journals in anticipation of starting our unit on insects next week.
We also took some time to do a long write in our writing journal. The students were able to pick from a jot they had written previously and turn it into a longer story. There was a lot of detailed and interesting writing.
Happy Labor Day weekend!!


Today we learned what pronouns are as the last page of our “parts of speech” book! We’ll continue to review these 4 parts of speech over the next few weeks. We learned that pronouns are words that take the place of a noun. For example you can use the word “they” to take the place of a group of people of things. Such as They tied their shoes instead of The boys and girls tied their shoes.
We made it out into the Muir Hall garden today as well and the students took clippings of some of the plants outside that we will use in an activity tomorrow! Ask your child what type of plant or color of flower they chose!


Today the students learned about adjectives! They learned that adjectives describe someone or something. Then each person was asked to come up with some examples of number or size adjectives (ex. one, eighty, big, medium) color adjectives (ex. teal, white) special adjectives (ex. nice, funny, smart) or other adjectives (ex. shiny, sharp, hard, fuzzy).
I am very grateful to the parents who made it out for curriculum night yesterday! I know it is not easy to arrange after school schedules, especially when they mean also finding child care. For those who missed last night or are interested in having an electronic copy, I’ve included both links and PDF’s of our materials from yesterday.


Happy September!!
Today we went into a semi-soft lockdown which did result in many questions from the students about school safety. I answered student questions as honestly and concisely as possible because the concerns they have are real and I want them to feel safe at school. Students may have some more questions once they get home. I did reiterate that we are safe at school as long as we do what we know we are supposed to, for example not letting adults into the building during the school day.
Today we talked more about verbs, focusing on linking verbs. Linking verbs are a difficult concept for 1st and 2nd graders. We talked about linking verbs as being words that help connect a noun to information about them. For example, “I am happy” uses the verb am to connect the noun (I) to the describing word (happy).
Please remember that we have an early release tomorrow! We’ll eat only 1 time and later in the day than we would normally have snack. Please take this into consideration when choosing breakfast in the morning as well as when packing “snunch.”
I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible tonight at curriculum night, 6:00-7:00. We’ll be starting in the gym.


Today we did more brainstorming in class about things that we can write about. We’ve talked about using other books to get ideas for writing and today we talked about using ideas from our classmates to activate ideas for stories, too. Ask your child what jots they added into their writing notebook this afternoon!
This morning we had about 1/2 the class finally finish their spelling test! We also are working on our parts of speech books focusing on verbs.
Our first Scholastic order forms are coming home today. If you are interested in ordering you can follow this link to sign up and order:
(1st Grade Math)
We worked on playing a game with partners today that involved rolling dice to reach the number 20. It was a cooperative game with no winners or losers. We also cut out “start with/get to” cards that numbered from 1-30.  We’ll use them to practice counting over the course of the year by adding higher and higher numbers!