Classroom Updates: Week of 8.24


This morning we spent some time decorating our nature journals as well as weather-proofing them with some packing tape. It’s not perfect, but it helps!
We had a very nice, but gloomy, solo spot session today. Ms. Naomi came with us to help pick out our spots and to understand better how important, special, and educational solo spots are!
I was proud of the students for finally pulling together and behaving for our lunch sub! Ms. Mui is planning to be back on Monday as long as she continues to feel well through the weekend!! We’ll be very glad to have her back. 🙂
Have a wonderful, restful weekend!!!!!


On Thursdays we have art in the morning and PE in the afternoon!
During the morning we worked on understanding what nouns are. A noun is a person, place, or thing. The students were asked to come up with examples of what a noun is.
The students worked on their handwriting for the letter c. We talked about the importance of this letter because of how many other lowercase letters use the letter c or the movement of letter c (c, a, q, , o, c, s, g, e).
We’ve only got 3 students finishing up their flip book!  We’ll be sharing them tomorrow and then bringing them home to share with you. 🙂


Today we continued to work on our flip books! The students continued writing about how they are safe, respectful, and responsible at school. Our last tab asks the students to write about what they like to learn about or what they want to learn about during this school year.  We’ve got 2 students done with their flip book already! Hopefully the rest of us will finish tomorrow and we can do some sharing.
We continued working on holding pencils correctly during handwriting today. The students did a pencil pick up activity that we will continue with tomorrow.
We had music today and PE. The music teacher told me that she had a difficult time with the class today. Please talk to your child about being respectful to all teachers, not just Ms. Mui and I.
Picture Day is tomorrow! 🙂


On Mondays we have Spanish in the morning and art in the afternoon.
This morning we were able to go outside the Comstock building and do some drawing and writing from nature. The students chose a plant to draw. Then they were asked to write a letter from the point of view of the plant about how their summer was. Most students were so detailed on their pictures they didn’t get much writing down, but that is perfectly fine! I’m glad they are taking the time to make nice, detailed drawings.
We continued to work on our flip books. Most students have finished writing about how they are unique and also have written ways that they stay safe in school. Many have moved on to giving examples of being responsible and respectful as well.
I’ve included here a link to our Farm to Table ordering form. I encourage students to sign up because it gives them an opportunity to try foods that they normally wouldn’t be willing to try! The chef for Farm to Table is also amazing and works with our volunteers to create wonderful food with the produce the students provide.