Classroom Updates 5/8/16

*First of all, I want to say thank you SO much for everything you did to make my Teacher Appreciation Week so special!  I am so grateful for my amazing gifts!  Thank you for being so generous as always!
*It’s hard to believe the camping trip is a little over a week away.  Don’t forget to take a peek at the packing list so you have an idea of what might be useful to have on the trip.  Let’s cross our fingers for good weather!
*We had a lot of fun starting our ABC Countdown last week.  We will continue with Hiking Day, Ice Cream Day, Joke Day, Kickball Day, and Lemonade Day this week.  The students voted on fudge pops for Ice Cream Day so those are all ready to go.  If anyone can volunteer to make or buy Lemonade for Friday please let me know!  
*In ELA last week, we finished our Hatching Magic book.  The students will be working in groups of 4 to create a game board based on the book.  I am looking forward to seeing their creativity shine through.  We’ve also been working on the rough drafts of our argumentative essays.  The students will have a peer edit their paper and then they will turn it in to the Google Classroom on Monday.  Ms. Marlette and I will be making comments on the essays this week to get prepared for the final drafts.  This is also our last week of Word Study.  The students have worked hard this year learning many new Greek and Latin Roots over the course of 30 weeks.  I am very pleased at how much growth they’ve made in the area of vocabulary.
*The 5/6 gradeband last day of math instruction will be Monday, May 16th.  With camping trips taking place that week and the week after, we have decided it would be best to wrap up on the 16th.  My math class will be taking their last unit test over the Data About Us unit on Friday, May 13th.
*In SS, we have been working on creating our Greek play scripts based on the summary of a Greek Theater Script.  The students will be wrapping up the planning this week with their polis and performances will take place on Thursday and Friday.

*PARCC testing is completely finished!  We also completed the ELA and Math NWEA tests last week.  There are some students who didn’t finish that will be pulled for make-ups.
*Our 5/6 canoe trip will take place on May 31st.  Please look for more information this trip to be sent out this week.