Classroom Update 5/5

We had our final green challenge assembly today! Our focus until the end of the school is “Don’t litter!” We’ll be going out to collect litter a few time over the next few weeks.
In science, the students are bringing home their science journals with homework to find 2 of the liquids listed and complete the properties chart on them. We talked about each of the properties today. The assignment isn’t due until Thursday.
We decided that transparent means that you can see through it easily, like a piece of glass. Translucent means that light can come through it but it is difficult to see through or it changes what things look like on the other side. Viscous means that it is a “sticky” liquid, and flows very slowly. Bubbly means that bubbles stay in the liquid after you shake it, they don’t disappear right away. Foamy is when the bubbles have lots of air in them at the top.  I think that covers most of the vocabulary that were more difficult and required discussion.
We got new words of the week to study today. 1st graders are working on place, sleep, love, books, good, help, city, write. 2nd graders are working with question, yourself, answer, money, simple, more, being, also.
Don’t forget, tomorrow is an early release!
Also, I forgot to tell the students, tomorrow is “E” day in our ABC countdown. Please have students wear an Earth Week t shirt or the color green if they would like to participate. 🙂