Classroom Update 5/29

Reminder: FIELD DAY IS MONDAY MORNING! I would strongly advise putting sunscreen on your child before bringing them to school on Monday morning so that the are protected from the sun. I f you send sunscreen with your child please be sure to teach them how to apply it as we cannot put sunscreen on students. They are allowed to apply it for themselves. Bug spray is allowed, following the same rules as sunscreen. Hats are encouraged too along with water bottles. Please either clearly label the water bottle or have it be a water bottle that is recognizable to the child as theirs. We set it down at each station and pick it up to move it to the next spot. The weather report now is saying 61 degrees and sunny which sounds perfect! Hopefully that weather prediction is accurate and doesn’t change!
Today we wrapped up our work with mixed solids/particles with an assessment! Next week we’ll zoom through some work with solids mixed with water. For next week we do need to collect a few things, so if you have the following handy at home, will you please send it in? They’ll be placed in a baggie with water, so you’ll not be wanting them back, I promise! We need: raisins, chalk pieces (a few small/broken sidewalk chalks would be fine), and cookies.
Monday is V day, Very Special Field Day!