Classroom Update 5/19

Today, for N day, we did a nature walk to look for natural materials to help us create Andy Goldsworthy inspired art! I’ve attached a few pictures of our creations to this email. I’ll also put 2 others on the class website.
The students received new “Words of the Week.” This will be the last week for 1st graders to get words of the week. They’ll do a high frequency word assessment on our words next week. 2nd graders have 1 more week of words and then they’ll do their assessment.
1st grade words: place, sleep, love, books, good, help, city, write
2nd grade words: question, yourself, answer, money simple, more, being also
Wednesday is O day, but our transitions in the classroom have been so lengthy that our ABC countdown celebration is cancelled so that we can do some practice of how to transition more efficiently. Hopefully we’ll be able to celebrate P day on Thursday!
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