Classroom Update 5/18

In science we worked on separating the particles of a soup mix. We learned the word particles as meaning small pieces. The students used sorting screen to help them sort.
In writing, one of our prompts dealt with writing a letter. After I checked a few journal entries I realized that many of the students needed information on how to format a letter! So we stopped our journal and focused on writing a letter correctly. Each student is bringing home a letter to share with someone at home tonight that we used for practice. A small handful of students were having a tough time focusing and didn’t quite finish, so they may need a few minutes to wrap up their letter at home before delivering it.
2nd graders have NWEA testing next week on Tuesday and Wednesday! 1st graders will have also have DIBELS testing those same days. Please make sure they get some rest Monday night and a good breakfast in the morning! I know it will be challenging due to Memorial Day, so I thought I’d give you an early heads up.