Classroom Update 5/15

Happy Friday!
Today the students got to do lots of lazy reading time. Of course “lots” of time on Friday translates to about 40 minutes, but it seemed to be sufficient for everyone!
Monday is mismatch day! Students can wear clothes that mismatch, like different socks. Please keep in mind that we do have PE on Mondays, so make sure that the outfit is functional for activity. 🙂
We had robins move in to our dove nest and we’re pretty sure that the babies have hatched today. I can’t hear peeping, but the dad robin has been more active with visiting the nest today than he has in the past. I haven’t had a robin nest outside our classroom before so I’m not sure how long it will be before they fledge, but we’re certainly looking forward to finding out!
In science we’ll be working on separating different materials from a dry soup mix next week (different types of beans with rice). If you are doing some cooking this weekend you could have your child brainstorm what you could do if you needed to separate out ingredients once they’d been combined. We’ll be using screens, but its always fun to hear what 1st and 2nd graders come up with for “un-mixing.”
Enjoy your weekend!