Classroom Update 5/14

Tomorrow is L day- Lazy day!  I’ve invited students to bring a pillow and special book to class. Please only 1 pillow per student and no blankets, stuffed animals, etc. (We did agree that pillow pets and the like are ok… if it ever had the word “pillow” in its tag it is ok).
Today was K day- kindness day. The students wrote kind letters to each other and I will deliver them tonight so they’ll find them in their mailboxes in the morning.
We had a hard lockdown drill today. I took  some time for explanations and questions. We did have the normal “What if….” questions that happen in a 1st/2nd grade classroom. I answered questions as honestly as I could but in a way that hopefully calmed most fears. Your child may have questions or concerns to talk about tonight. Our discussion here focused on us doing the best we can to be safe. Some students did ask about bombs and grenades. I was honest with them that it would most likely not happen, but that I also do not have the talent or training to diffuse a bomb. I may have told a white lie about monkeys not being able to climb through our ventilation shafts, but I honestly don’t know that much about our ventilation systems so maybe I was telling the truth after all.
Our journal prompt today asked the students to imagine a door appeared in a garden they were weeding or to write about which they’d prefer to ride: boat or train. Lots of students feel the need for speed in this classroom and chose boat because of it!