Classroom Update 5/12

Friendly reminder: Spanish test tomorrow! (I wish I could tell you more, but that’s all I know… the students are saying a focus on weather words but any other words from the year are fair game.)
The students got new high frequency words to focus on this week:
1st graders: top, room, under, fast, hill, know, use, let
2nd graders: slowly, bring, hear, often, page, store, while, however
Today we took a science assessment on what we’ve learned so far with solids and liquids. Now that we’ve learned properties of and words to describe solids, we are going to start exploring with mixed solids (think soup mixes of a variety of beans and rice). We’ll be focusing the next lessons we do on separating mixtures of particles, studying how particles move in bottles, and using screens to separate a mixture of particles.
In writing the students worked in their prompt journals today. They could write about the steps for riding a bike or how a doll and bike are similar and different.