Classroom Update 5/1

Today we spent time talking about our endangered species reports and also talked about ways that we could earn some money around the house this weekend towards sponsoring an endangered species. Our goal as a classroom is to “adopt” an endangered species. The students really want one to come with a stuffed animal for the classroom, with the cheapest being a $25 dollar adoption. However, there are non-stuffed animal adoptions for $15.
If we each earn $0.70 we can make the $15 adoption and if each student earns $1.15 we can make the $25 adoption.
Here’s how you can help: your child has helped to create a  list of ideas for extra things they could do around the house this weekend to earn some change. We’re talking pocket change here, nothing extraordinary. I’ve asked the students not to bring birthday money or allowance money to help us fulfill our goals. The reason is because we want this to be a miniature service learning project. We’ve worked on the learning aspect, but the goal for the raising of money is for it to be service oriented. If you have time this weekend, please let your child complete a few tasks for some change to bring to school on Monday. On Monday we’ll get a grand total of what we earned this weekend (or last night… we’ve had some money find its was to the classroom already…) and decide how we can help endangered species with it.
So that you know, I am planning to donate the money we raise on  The organization is named Defenders of Wildlife.  You can check out their website and they are also rated 3 out of 4 stars on Charity Navigator. I’m very picky about the organizations I give money to, so I would understand anyone else being the same way.
I have been very clear with the students and said multiple times that no one will be keeping track of who donates and who does not. We are a team and we work together. I assured students that if they don’t have a chance to earn any money or forget it at home that they should not worry.
Below are our ideas for ways to earn money, please feel free to get creative and come up with your own ideas, too!
  • Take the garbage out
  • Wash dishes
  • Don’t watch TV or use electronics for a day
  • Vacuum
  • Dust
  • Play outside/Leave your mom and dad alone (haha, that one was suggested a few times…)
  • Send a letter to grandparents or a far away family member
  • Pick up sticks or pine cones in the yard
  • Rake leaves
  • Wash the table
  • Sweep
  • Walk the dog
  • Get the mail from the mailbox
  • Sort socks/laundry
On Monday we will have reached letter C for the abc countdown! We are going to do color day! For color day the students can wear their favorite colors. Today to celebrate B we read books with our buddies! 
Have a happy weekend!