Classroom Update 4/6

Today during science our focus was naming materials! We worked with 8 different types of materials today and gave names to them all: ceramic, wood, paper, plastic, rubber, fabric, metal, and leather. Try asking your students to name the materials that make up some solids around your home and then give some description words about each object. “I Spy” is also a great game to play to work on these skills!
In Daily 5, we focused our journal entries today on spring. The students chose to write about their favorite outdoor spring activity or talk about 3 changes they see happen outside during the spring.


​In writing, each student worked on making 2 squiggle pictures like we did earlier in the year. We will also be doing an opinion writing piece on them like we had done before. Squiggles are a great way to help students stretch their creative problem solving area of the brain!