Classroom Update 4/30

There are two things about today that I cannot believe… it was the first day of the ABC countdown, it is the last day of April. No way!
I explained to the students that each day they earn the ABC countdown for the next day. Because of this I do not send a list of the days. If the students need to bring something from home, we’ll let everyone know by writing it in their assignment notebook at the end of the day. Participation in ABC countdown activities (except ones that are class activities like nature walks and gardening) are optional.
We’ve been working with liquids the past 2 days. Yesterday we worked with colored water and poured it into different containers to see what happens to the water. The water level changed depending on the container! Today we looked at the water in a container that was turned over and over. The water always tried to stay level with the ground. We’ll explore and discuss these concepts more next week.
Almost all students are done with their animal papers! They look REALLY great in the hallway. I am so proud of the writing they have done. If you have a chance to walk through the hallway (attending a board meeting or other after school activity) please take a look! They’ll come home in a few weeks once we’ve gotten to show them off for a while.