Classroom Update 4/3

Sadly, I am beginning this email with the announcement that our stargazing night is cancelled. I am incredibly disappointed. Just an FYI for everyone, it is supposed to clear up around 2 a.m. and there is to be an eclipse around 5:00 a.m. if you’d like to get everyone up and out of bed to see it. 😉 It won’t be a total eclipse here in the midwest, but it will be enough of a show to be interesting to see!
Yesterday in science our question of the day was: How can solid objects be described? (by their properties)
We learned the scientific word, properties, was the answer to this question! We can describe objects by their properties. Things we know about objects by looking at them or feeling them are properties of the objects. We are focusing on solids currently, so have your child describe the properties of some solids over the weekend. For example, they could use some words to describe a fork such as: metal, rigid, hard, shiny, smooth, silver, light. Next week in science we’ll be looking at solid objects that are the same shape but made of different materials, so if you have similar items that have just a few differences have your child give you descriptions for those items and it may be a good way to warm them up for next week!
All the students are bringing home their writing journals this weekend so that you can see what we have been working on this week! Please help them get back to school Monday. You’ll be able to see our prompt from today when you look at your child’s journal tonight! 🙂
Happy Easter or Happy (beginning of) Passover, whichever you may celebrate. Or just, “Happy Weekend!” if none of that applies to you!