Classroom Update 4/22

Happy Earth Day!!
Today we had a special presentation from the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest. If you’ve never been, it’s a small free  nature center. I went last year and spent the day with my family seeing the animals, having a picnic, and walking around a nearby trail. If I remember correctly  there is a park nearby, too.
Today we spent time learning about and writing about endangered species. We talk  about different reasons that animals become endangered. Ask you child what  reasons they remember. We discussed:
-habitat destruction
-hunting for horns, skin, or meat
-captured to be sold as pets
-pesticides and pollution harming the animals
-man made litter killing animals (lead from bullets killing California condors and sea turtles mistaking plastic bags for jellyfish)
Tomorrow is our field trip!  Please dress students to be outside all day. There is a low chance for rain and it definitely won’t feel very warm. I’ve suggested plenty of layers and warm/comfortable shoes as we’ll be doing a lot of walking. Students will be carrying their own backpacks and lunches for the day, so if they do get warm they’ll be able to remove a layer and carry it in their bag. Remember also: no heat ups or nuts! Students ONLY need to bring their backpack and lunch tomorrow. No assignment notebook or anything else is necessary. I’m looking forward to a fun day at the gardens!!