Classroom Update 4/20

We stayed in for most of this cold, rainy opening to Earth Week, but still had a great day!
We experimented with liquids and learned that some are thick and some are thin. Can you help your child identify some different liquids in the house and decide if they are thick or thin? (We used things like soap, cooking oil, water, juice, etc.)
We read and illustrated the Earth Pledge that we said at this morning’s opening ceremonies! We also celebrated our volunteers. I am so appreciative of all the support we get in our classroom- thank you to everyone! I am grateful for your support every day!!
We took today easy because of the weather, but we do have a lot planned for the outdoors tomorrow. Please make sure you send your child prepared to be outside. The chance for rain tomorrow will be low, but it might still be muddy out so I am planning on rain boots for footwear (at least for the morning) or I might even end up in my snow boots. It’s also supposed to be windy enough to make it feel about 10 degrees colder, and the temperature is only supposed to be high 40’s/low 50’s. I’m planning to bring my winter hat and gloves. If I get to warm, I’ll put them in my pocket!
A note from the office: the lost and found will be cleared out this week!  If you have an inkling that something is missing, please stop by the office and take a look for it before it is donated!